Why I wrote Alpha Black

Published August 5, 2016

WHY I WROTE ALPHA BLACK (NOTE: There are no spoilers below!)

‘Albert Einstein only used about 10% of his neural capacity.’ When I first heard this statement years ago, it resonated deeply with me. I have been intrigued all my life by the limits, if there are any, of human potential. I couldn’t stop wondering about how it could be that possibly the smartest person that ever lived, would be limited to such a degree? Was this a choice he made on some deep level? Or do we all harbor filters that are imposed for some reason, to keep us somehow ‘safe’?

I have read widely over the years, choosing any author who struggled with these issues. Borges, de Chardin, Hesse, Jung, Huxley, Casteneda are just a few of such writers, outside of the world of science fiction.

Some of the science fiction writers who I admire, who have traveled these realms, are Clarke, Asimov, Stephenson, Gibson, and of course, Philip K. Dick. This list is not close to exhaustive.

I also have spent many years reading works written by the great mystics and meta- physicians, among them Christ, Buddha, Rumi (my favorite poet), Singh, Lao Tzu, Mirabai and many others.

What exemplifies all these people’s written contributions is that human beings have enormous and largely untapped potential. “These things that I do, ye shall do also,” is to me the single most powerful and enigmatic sentence in the Bible.

Alpha Black is my attempt to bring into focus many diverse thoughts and characters, around this theme of what is truly possible and why aren’t we as a species achieving it? I know that synchronicity is an ordering principle of our reality. The law of unintended consequences will always intrude. Quantum physics is going to be truly transformative. Until now scientists have been like children playing with blocks.

But if the question of ‘should we do something?’ as a species isn’t asked by thoughtful people with the placement to alter decisions, there will be repercussions that are not always benign or reversible. We are already see ng this play out on our planet.

I have woven into this story, personalities and experiences from my life. I believe a person writes best about what they know and are passionate about.

The core issue for me and the reader, in Alpha Black, I believe, is simply this. Every significant thinker, who has struggled with these themes, has said in one form or another that the truth is not found in the written or spoken word. But rather, it is in the universe of direct experience. It is there that the Truth can be found and the enormous potential that we all share as part of the human species, can be realized.

“The Tao that can be expressed, is not the eternal Tao.” Is a straight forward declaration that there is a truth but it isn’t going to be captured in written or spoken words. That only leaves the realm of direct experience.

Physics and meta-physics, which seem at first look to be diametrically opposed, have become almost indistinguishable in terms of written descriptors. Ancient attempts to describe reality, sound surprisingly like cutting edge physicists trying to explain the data found within quantum physics and relativity theory. And surprisingly, both groups admit that their attempts at description are poor, inaccurate and distortions of what is Real.

Why did I choose Science Fiction as the vehicle for this story? I strongly feel that all writing is fiction, even what is termed non-fiction. What was considered true even ten years ago in any scientific endeavor has already shifted or even fundamentally changed, often dramatically. And science based fiction brings together on one platform, science and the human

condition. The full expanse of human striving, to me, has to involve physics, meta physics, psychology and ontology.

If you have read Alpha Black, you have surely realized that there are unresolved questions, remaining as the book concludes. There is a sequel called Omega White.

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