Quantum Physics, Meta-Physics and the Mind/Brain Interface

Published August 22, 2016

Quantum Physics, Meta-physics and the mind/brain interface.

Almost all of us share agreements about what is real. According to the book, “What the Bleep do we know,” we are choosing to be only aware of 2000 bits of information out of the 400 Billion bits we are processing per second. Obviously massive filters are in place. Why do we need these filters? How do we come to agreements with our fellow humans as to what to attend to, what to ignore? Basically how do we, as a species, agree what is Reality?
My novel “Alpha Black,” explores what the barriers are to deeper knowledge or higher consciousness. It is axiomatic that people never use their full mental capability. What are the self-imposed restrictions designed to accomplish or rather, put in place to prevent? I believe the human brain operates at the quantum level. At that level everything is information. At the quantum level everything is connected. The filters that keep us from seeing the larger picture are powerful and implacable. Yogis and riches spend years trying to get the filters to comedown. Meditation is always about removing filters from the direct experience of Reality. Meditation is always done in isolation and silence. Is there any more proactive environment to such an ongoing attempt than deep space? What would happen to a person committed to going deep into their psyche to be willingly placed in space, with no task but to remove the inner barriers to full consciousness? The psychic umbilical cord of connection to Earth is subtle and powerful. It must be severed.
On the Quantum level the universe is a giant macro-processor. The human mind/brain is the wetware interface to that Reality. Our true capability and purpose as entities is to access that. Fritjof Kapra in his book the “Tao of Physics” presents a powerful case that quantum physics and Eastern Meta-physics are essentially speaking of the same reality. The human mind/brain seems to innately contain the capability to access this universal macro-processor. But this requires an amazing commitment to releasing our hold on the agreements we all share about what is Real.
Mankind as a group is sadly, madly committed to the mindless pursuit of the mundane. The metaphorical headstone of Humanity reads, ‘He or she that dies with the most toys wins.’ We all participate in this circus ignoring Jesus and other tellers of the truth. ‘Rich men getting into the kingdom’ is seemingly slightly beyond difficult. How can we all share such mis-directed aspirations? Advertising is the ongoing attempt to keep the physical world constantly engaging to the point of psychic numbness. ‘Comfortably Numb’ is much more than a song lyric.
Great Science Fiction makes us profoundly uncomfortable. Great science based fiction relentlessly pursues the notion that we are much more than rabid consumers of the passing show governed by the 5 senses.
Everyone carries an inner lodestone that tells us something is missing and keeps prompting us to go find it. But our programming is hard wired to largely ignore these soft messages. Alpha Black presents the possibility that we all can find an inner validity that puts the lie to the current paradigm. But there are risks. Are you ready to give up all you currently value and pursue, if the world you currently inhabit is not grounded in the Real?
Mystical experience is always referenced as if it is something for ascetics and yogis. Something ephemeral, distant and probably unattainable.This must change to a universal goal and expectation. “These things that I do, ye can do also and even greater things,” is one of the most profoundly disturbing mystical assertions ever voiced. Billions sit or kneel in churches, synagogues and temples, never expecting any experience to become personal, internal and transformative. We will only get the answer to the question we ask. We should be spending our lives preparing for the profound shift within ourselves on the quantum or universal level. Reality on the quantum level doesn’t exist for us unless and until it is experienced. Internal validation has to become the one, true ground on which we all wish to stand to find meaning in our lives. A person knows when they are in love, no one else can convince them otherwise. That is just the edge of the internal validation capability we all possess. People who have had near death experiences have unassailable conviction that what they experienced was real. Karl Jung calls it a-causal synchronicity, when we experience something profound that we know is meaningful, connected to us and yet others would casually write it off as coincidence or whimsy. Only at the quantum level is co-incidence possible.

Quantum Physicists should be the western champions of seeking this inner domain. That is where they work each day and a few even play. Ironically, the results that are recorded in the laboratories and on the particle colliders have limited or no impact on most quantum scientists personal behaviors. This is most true on the public level, where scientists still argue vociferously that there is no such thing as consciousness. Yet privately, they are often quite religious. This diametrical behavior between public proclamation and private realization is at the heart of why our societal agreements to not speak of the true ground where truth resides, still control, limit and stifle our thoughts and behaviors. Quantum physicists should be quantum physicians or quantum metaphysicians, showing the way to deeper understanding and experience. Instead they act more like the quantum police, deciding what laws we should be held to acknowledge and which we must ignore.

Fundamental to the reach of Western Science is that the 5 senses reign supreme and if you can’t measure it, it isn’t real. Yet quantum physics is plunging rapidly into the realms where nothing will be measured and if it is we fundamentally alter it. And yet it is at that level that everything our senses eventually are capable of experiencing are truly grounded. Western societal experience is as far from the true realm of transformative experience as it is possible to get. In this current world, we idolize those that have the most. It is sadly axiomatic that there is no amount of money that is enough. Everyone wants what the rich have and the rich want more. Where can an alternative be found?
Alpha Black uses as a premise that there is profound knowledge available for the person who seeks it and is prepared. The main characters find themselves struggling to answer the question ‘What would Buddha do?’

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