The Menu

Published August 22, 2016


When each of us comes into the world, we are given a menu. You need a menu to know what is available. Strangely though, everyone doesn’t get the same menu. They vary widely. For some it’s all appetizers, for others all desserts. For some it is simple home cooking, for others it is fancy gourmet cuisine. Some people get so excited they eat the menu. We look over at the next table and wonder why that item isn’t even on our menu.
Finally, we decide to order. When it arrives it isn’t prepared at all as we expected. In fact, it doesn’t look anything like what we ordered. Upon reflection, we realize it isn’t what we ordered at all. We try to send it back but no, there are no returns, refunds or exchanges.
So we begin to eat our meal. Some are complaining constantly in this restaurant of life. Others are loudly extolling the virtues of the chef. Some just quietly eat. Some leave their meal unfinished. Others order more. Some add lots of spicy condiments, others use lots of water to wash it down. Others choose a nice wine that definitely adds to the enjoyment.
Eventually, each asks for the bill. Some are pleasantly surprised, others are shocked. Some constantly re-add the figures trying to find an error. You see, there were no prices on the menu. 
And some people seem to be charged more for the same item. There is great confusion at the cash register. Most people are displeased, even angry. That is until they get their turn to pay their bill. When they look at the face of the owner of this restaurant they are struck silent. They know at that moment that their bill is completely accurate. They become quite agreeable about paying the bill. Unfortunately, no one ever has enough money. So they have to put it on their charge account. And the rule of the house is that you must come back to this restaurant to pay the remainder of the bill. Yet each time the menu is presented, no one seems to be able to resist ordering again. And so the bill is never fully paid. Somehow their favorite dish is always the special of the day. We just can’t resist. Our hunger is never satisfied.
It is only when we are invited to be a guest at the Master’s table, that we finally get our hunger satisfied. And when you are at the Lord’s table, he always picks up the bill. The only rule is that we must allow him to order for us. And when he orders, we have to gladly accept what is presented, learning to not look at what the others have received. And always being sure to finish our meal. Only the Master knows the maitre’d at this restaurant and when he leaves, his entourage is never challenged. The bill has been fully paid.

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