Should you read Alpha Black?

Published August 28, 2016

Should you read Alpha Black?

My goal in this book is to make people think about big ideas. I am challenging people to consider things that they might not have thought about in depth or even at all. There are occasional scenes and ideas in this book that some people might, and others will likely, find offensive. But hopefully, they will be seen as necessary, thought provoking and in the end, valuable.
The world is a harsh place at times. And to not consider some things because they are unsettling, even abhorrent, is not a choice I am willing to make. One of the themes of my book is the relentless objectification and exploitation of women. Sadly, in far too many contexts, women are being forced into circumstances that they didn’t choose and often cannot control. I could not tell the story I wanted to tell, without dealing with this issue. I know people, who I respect, who choose to not read books that they feel are too graphic or intense. They just don’t want to know about those things or at least, they don’t want to read about them. If you feel this way, then Alpha Black is not a book you should read.
But so I don’t mischaracterize my book or limit a potential reader’s expectations, it is also about loss and redemption, spiritual longing and the need to know answers to eternal questions. I wrestle with the way the corporate world is changing our lives. The issue of how technology is being used and misused is considered. Governmental overreach, quantum computing, the future of science and the boundaries of human knowledge are all present as important strands. And finally and probably most important to me, it is a love story.
This is a book written for adults. It is not a book for young people, even possibly of later high school age. I would hope the innocence of youth, for all children and young adults, could be preserved for as long as possible. Parents who have concerns about what their children read, should definitely read this book before they ever allow their daughter or son to read it.
That being said, there are powerful issues here, that I feel, at some point, all adults will be confronted with and need to have considered.

4 thoughts on “Should you read Alpha Black?”

  1. I saw the piece in the Union about your new book–congratulations. I’d like to attend your book signing party this Sat, and meet you, but have made another plans. I was struck by the quote in the the Union “But our programing is hard wired to largely ignore these soft messages.” I’m writing a book in which those “soft messages” play a key role. Maybe we could talk sometime.

    1. Dear Don: I am going to be gone the next two weeks,after the signing, but I’d love to get together.
      Looking forward to it. Best, Robert

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