The Sadness of TGIF

Published October 7, 2016

The Sadness of TGIF

Our country has institutionalized that living for the weekend is normal. People accept that working five days at a job you don’t like, is just the way it is.
Parents and teachers have to challenge this idea. From early youth, children should be encouraged too follow their passion and dream. Don’t ever settle for a job that means nothing more than a pay check. Monday morning should be a day to be looked forward to as much as Friday. A true vocation empowers a person, it gives them energy. A person should feel that what they do matters and they get paid to do something they enjoy and love. Feeling passionate that you are contributing to people and society should be a part of every work situation.Education is the key. Education gives people choices.
The purpose of automation should be to remove from the work situation, jobs that do not empower people. Professions and vocations should make people proud of what they do and be excited to go to work. Thank God I am alive, should replace TGIF!

Note: I feel I must add that the heavy use and abuse of alcohol in America is related to job dissatisfaction. Doing a job, day after day, week after week that is not empowering is corrosive to the spirit. Alcohol is well known as a pain killer.

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