Gender Inequity in the work place

Published January 23, 2017

Sadly, too many men see women in the work place, as some form of potential sexual opportunity.
These same men, almost necessarily, struggle to see them as work place equals. They definitely don’t want them as competitors for the same position.
This leads to the almost ubiquitous presence of gender based innuendo, stereotyping and sexual harassment in all work related environments.
Women take it for granted that they have to constantly deal with these issues.To be successful, a women has to be at least equally intelligent, better organized, more motivated and mentally tougher than any man, to get an equal opportunity. And even if they get the chance, they can expect to be paid less for doing the same job.
If our workplaces were truly gender neutral, all businesses, academic environments and factories would be more productive and in the world of commerce, more profitable.
The United States would have lost WW2, except for the stunning performance by American women to build every ship, air plane, tank and weapon used in that massive conflict. There is no doubt that women are capable of doing great and important things. What is the risk in giving them a fair chance?

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